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Stand out in the Real Estate market!

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Enroll with Qmaison today and get:

  • Professionally developed personal website
  • Necessary tools to interact with your visitors
  • Autonomy and independence in managing the listings
  • Search engine optimization
  • Assisted promotion in social networks
  • Innovative technologies

Personal Website

Personal website for real estate broker

Show your personality with professionally designed personal website.

Stand out in the Real Estate market!

Listings management

Unassisted management of your listing

Qmaison offers you complete independence in managing your listings - any real estate broker can do that, and no technical expertise is necessary!

Tools for real estate brokers

Necessary tools for real estate website

Offer professionally developed tools to your personal website visitors:
mortgage calculator, application form for buyers, for sellers and more.

About Qmaison

Headquartered in Montreal, Quebec, Qmaison company offers a fast and easy way for real estate brokers to establish their online presence. Our web solution allows the brokers to showcase their listings through a personal exclusively designed website - at minimal cost and with minimal effort.

The creative team of Qmaison will work with each of you individually to make sure our product highlights not only the properties that you have to offer, but also your personality and your approach to business that differentiates you from others.

Most importantly, the Qmaison web solution offers you complete independence in managing your listings - any real estate broker can do that, and no technical expertise will be necessary!

Become visible
(Search engine optimization - SEO)


Everybody knows that setting up a website is not enough. The site must be made visible, primarily in the search engines, so that potential clients, seeking to buy or sell a property, can find you easily.

This is what the search engine optimization (SEO) is for, as an integral part of web marketing today. When correctly performed, it allows you to compete successfully on the enormous web market and to attract more potential clients to your website.

Qmaison's team of professionals knows how to make that happen. The Qmaison solution will allow your website ranking to grow continuously, thus increasing your outreach.

Get social
(Social networking support)

Social networking

Today social networks like Facebook or Twitter have become a part of our life. But life is diverse, and business is an important side to it. Leverage your website by using social networks, use the opportunity to target your potential clients directly, interact with them and drive them to your website.

Qmaison solution allows publishing your listings through the Qmaison management system directly to your Facebook wall with just a few mouse clicks.